FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We have streamlined our manpower, focusing on our core – full timers – for now due to the restrictions in place. Hence, we are busier than before as each of our stylists are required to handle their own customers without the help of part-timers who are mostly salon assistants.

There are no changes to our opening hours, it is still business as usual for Colors Hair Singapore.

It would be a challenge to greatly reduce customer-hairstylist proximity as the nature of the work requires constant interaction with the payee’s hair. However, we encourage customers to always have their masks on to protect themselves; this itself creates a protective barrier between the customer and hairstylist/colourist as the virus is majorly airborne. Similarly, our hairstylists wear both disposable gloves and masks and after each service, will dispose the used gloves and masks. Since 2020, Colors Hair Singapore has been practicing these measures while in operation so as to better offer the wider Singaporean community the services they need and results they want.

We strongly encourage both our staff and customers to practice regular washing of hands after every treatment and or service and if customers are not well, to see a doctor and stay at home. Same for our staff. Likewise, we encourage our hairstylists to take good rest during their off days to ensure that they are well-rested as ample rest helps boost a person’s immunity, and take more Vitamin Cs.

We are definitely concerned about any potential risks/clusters arising from our own establishment. Hence, we enforce strictly the regular washing of hands after every service done, using of sanitisation products and having sufficient rest. We also sanitise our washing areas and toilets to ensure that the premise is kept sanitary.

Customers and or staff who are not feeling well are required to see a doctor immediately and rest instead of getting their hair done or coming to work. This is to assure the wider community that Colors Hair Singapore is a socially responsible essential service provider.

Our staff have taken the initiative to queue up for the vaccination programme since it was first announced. Yes, we think that our staff should have been offered the vaccination earlier as hairstylists are also considered frontline workers and hairdressing is classified as an essential trade service in Singapore.

There has been some cancellations since reverting to Phase 2 2021 due to the community spread early in May. However, the cancellations have little impact to our overall business due to our efficiency in managing appointments and on-site services (i.e. colouring, rebonding, perming, treatments).

In line with the Safe Distancing Measures that were already in place last year, we manage our crowd control through scheduling bookings. Already, our seats are distanced a meter apart and that itself places breaks on how many customers can be present at any one time in our space. Our schedule from June 14 onwards thus far looks to be manageable with our presently lean staff strength.

Likewise, and for now, all our stylists are doubling up as assistants as part of our crowd control. At the same time, our management has been constantly looking out for any further developments to the current situation and appropriate measures will be in place per the mandatory rulings.