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Customise. Cut. Colour.

According To Your Personality Type.

At Colors Hair Singapore, we firmly believe in “visagism”, the very art of creating a personalised image. From the way you look to the way you think, see and feel, everyone is uniquely distinctive. Our customisation techniques are designed to bring out the very best in you – that is, charm – based on your personality type. And that is what makes us totally unique!

Start living your life with Colors Hair Singapore.

Our Customisation Service

Like clothes, the way you wear your hair reflects and reinforces who you truly are. Whether it is a long bob, in waves, straight and or short, your hairstyle speaks for you, even if you do not say a single thing.

So what messages are you sending with your hairstyle? Speak to us today for a consultation. Our creative stylists and colourists will work together with you and propose a suitable style and colour that speaks who you are, bringing out your best features. With extensive experience and knowledge in hairstyling, hair cutting and colouring than your average shops, the team of professionals at Colors Hair Singapore lets you embrace who you truly are.

Along with Omotenashi hospitality, you can be rest assured that your hair is in the hands of true professionals. Because at Colors Hair Singapore, we take pride in what we do. Our openness in showing you how we consult and who is serving you is telling of our dedication towards our craft. Let us help you find a desirable hairstyle and hair colour that suits you!

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Omotenashi Service

Honest Hospitality – Right From The Heart

Unpretentious. Unassuming. With service that comes straight from the heart, a visit to Colors Hair Salon promises an unparalleled experience. Whether it is your first, second and or umpteen time, you will never leave feeling disappointed. From attention to detail and anticipating guests’ needs, Colors Hair Salon believes in placing guests’ needs before self to deliver exceptional results.  

Inspired by the timeless tradition of Sen no Rikyu, the immense thought and care that goes behind choosing the most suitable colour, hair style and treatment for each guest is essential for omotenashi.

Experience Japanese hospitality delivered from the heart.

Announcement for all clients

Dear Clients,

Please refer to staff schedule before making an appointment with your preferred stylist or colorist. 

Update from Sept 2023 onwards : 

Thank you for always visiting Colors.
Colors (River Valley) has now been opened for almost 6 years, time truly flies by.
We now bring to you some positive news that may excite you! 
Come 19th September, Colors Hair Salon will be relocating due to expansion at a bigger, more cozy and comfy space! 

Our new address will be at Havelock 2 Shopping mall which is near to Clarke Quay and Chinatown MRT station! 

Though we are relocating, we promise to maintain our quality of services to all the clients and not compromise on the standards. 

We hope you will continue to support us at our new home.

See you there!

– Colors hair salon

Colors Team

Director Stylist

Satsuki Moro 師さつき

(13 years of experience / from Tokyo/Kanagawa)

Specializes in Short and Bob hairstyles. This is more than just “cutting hair” to her. She also takes into consideration the lifestyle and atmosphere of the customer and customizes a hairstyle just for them. She believes that hair is the best accessory that one can own.
“This way, the customer can not only love the hairstyle but also the fashion. Hairstyles would be customized according to hair quality. If you are unable to find a hairstyle that suits you, please let me know and we can have a consultation to discuss the perfect hairstyle for you and also help you maintain healthy and beautiful hair.” 

Satsuki Moro (スタイリスト歴10年 / 神奈川出身 B型)


Director Colorlist

Yoshimasa Urakami 浦上佳真

(More than 10 years of colorist experience / from Tokyo/ Mie)

Specializes in customization of hair colors and highlights.
“Hair coloring is very important to express who you are. A color that is most ideal for your hair quality, hair style, skin tone and lifestyle would be made just for you. With extensive experience, knowledge and skills, customers who did not like coloring, or customers who want to add a splash of color to their highlighted hair for a blended color, and even customers who are troubled by their grey hair, I would propose the best mix of customized colors for you. Let’s search for a favorite color together.”

Yoshimasa Urakami(カラーリスト歴10年以上 / 三重県出身 O型)


Creative Manager

Issey Isaiah Xie  イッセイ

(More than 14 years of experience / Born & bred in Northern Singapore )

Hairstyling to me is Art. I believe in the beauty of form where every individual can be made to look aesthetically pleasing and yet be entirely unique through my hair creations. My main signature styles include mullets ,wolf cuts ,hush cuts, shaggy layers in many variations, creative coloring using avant-garde concepts and face-frame styling.

My priority for every client is to guide them from “Before to After”, consultation to post-haircare and styling advice, without compromise. My practice ensures that your hairstyles are well-maintained and durable even after your salon visit. Drop by Colors salon and let me unleash the art in you!


Senior Stylist

Sakuma Tomoyuki

佐久間 智之 

(14 years of experience / from Tokyo/Ibaraki)

We will provide counseling tailored to each customer’s hair concerns, as well as assess the hair type and habits and create a style. We strive not only to meet our customers’ needs, but also to provide them with added value.

スタイリスト歴14年/茨城県出身 B型



Senior Stylist

Ellen Chua エレン

(More than 10 years of Hair Salon experienece/from Malaysia)

I’m Ellen and I’ve Been  working in the salon industry for more that 11 years!! From assistant to technician then now moved on to stylist i have participated  Star Award and helped the star Awards to do the styling !Also participated  in styling for Supermodel Revolution a Variety Show for aspiring Models! 

l like to Treat all my Client as Friend  to help them solve any problem about their hairstyle !if you have any troubles with your hair please feel free to come .

Senior Stylist

Carmen カルメン

(More than 10 years of Hair Stylist experienece/from Malaysia)

I’m a HairStylish with over a decade of experience,fueled by a genine passion for the beauty industry.My journey is driven by the joy of discovering and enhancing beauty.

Customer satisfaction is my top priority,and I take pride in creating hairstyles that not only reflect my expertise but also resonate with the unique preferences of each client.I’m dedicated to sharing enriching beauty experiences, ensuring my customers leave with a sense of satisfaction and confidence.


Ritsuki Nakashima 


(6years of experience / from Hyogo.Tokyo)

I’m a professional in hair straightening to improve hair quality.I will help you create beautiful, comfortable hair by providing treatments that are tailored to your worries and hair condition. I aim to create styles that are easy to self-care for and can be easily recreated at home. When it comes to coloring, I specialize in treatments that minimize damage and create a lustrous look.Leave the creation of beautiful hair to me!!

美容師歴6年 / 兵庫県出身 





Price List

< July 2024 PRMOTION>

Bleach+Color+Cut+Care treatment                            - $300~(u.p. $450~)

                                                                                    (additional breach +$50 )

Grey Blending Color+Care treatment           - $300~  (u.p.$510~)

Premium Straitening +Cut                            -$300 (u.p. $450)

Colors Signature Treatment 4 Tickets                             -$500 (u.p. $800)

*All promotions are applicable to new customers only *Promotions cannot be combined with each other

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Offering both first-time visitors and returning clients a convivial yet relaxing ambiance, Colors Hair Salon lets you kick back and enjoy a pampering cut, colour and or treatment. With a dedicated team of experienced, knowledgeable Asian stylists and colourists right at your beck and call, you can be rest assured that your hair is in good hands. Book your appointment now for an in-depth consultation.

Getting Here

-Exit B from Clarke Quay MRT station  
– Alight at Bus Stop outside Clarke Quay Central /
Opposite Hong Lim Park 

Business hours

10am – 8pm, Daily

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