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Customise. Cut. Colour.

According To Your Personality Type.

At Colors Hair Singapore, we firmly believe in “visagism”, the very art of creating a personalised image. From the way you look to the way you think, see and feel, everyone is uniquely distinctive. Our customisation techniques are designed to bring out the very best in you – that is, charm – based on your personality type. And that is what makes us totally unique!

Start living your life with Colors Hair Singapore.

Our Customisation Service

Like clothes, the way you wear your hair reflects and reinforces who you truly are. Whether it is a long bob, in waves, straight and or short, your hairstyle speaks for you, even if you do not say a single thing.

So what messages are you sending with your hairstyle? Speak to us today for a consultation. Our creative stylists and colourists will work together with you and propose a suitable style and colour that speaks who you are, bringing out your best features. With extensive experience and knowledge in hairstyling, hair cutting and colouring than your average shops, the team of professionals at Colors Hair Singapore lets you embrace who you truly are.

Along with Omotenashi hospitality, you can be rest assured that your hair is in the hands of true professionals. Because at Colors Hair Singapore, we take pride in what we do. Our openness in showing you how we consult and who is serving you is telling of our dedication towards our craft. Let us help you find a desirable hairstyle and hair colour that suits you!

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Omotenashi Service

Honest Hospitality – Right Form The Heart

Unpretentious. Unassuming. With service that comes straight from the heart, a visit to Colors Hair Salon promises an unparalleled experience. Whether it is your first, second and or umpteen time, you will never leave feeling disappointed. From attention to detail and anticipating guests’ needs, Colors Hair Salon believes in placing guests’ needs before self to deliver exceptional results.  

Inspired by the timeless tradition of Sen no Rikyu, the immense thought and care that goes behind choosing the most suitable colour, hair style and treatment for each guest is essential for omotenashi.

Experience Japanese hospitality delivered from the heart.

Staff Schedule

Dear Clients,

Please refer to staff schedule before making an appointment with your preferred stylist or colorist. From March 2022 onwards, Issey our senior stylist will be stationed at 8.eight , our second outlet every Sunday until further notice. 



今まで知らなかったあなたに似合う あなただけのヘアスタイルをColors で一緒に探しましょう。​

Colors team

Our Styling Team

Style Designer

Satsuki Moro (10 years of stylist history / B type from Kanagawa)

Specializes in Short and Bob hairstyles. This is more than just “cutting hair” to her. She also takes into consideration the lifestyle and atmosphere of the customer and customizes a hairstyle just for them. She believes that hair is the best accessory that one can own.
“This way, the customer can not only love the hairstyle but also the fashion. Hairstyles would be customized according to hair quality. If you are unable to find a hairstyle that suits you, please let me know and we can have a consultation to discuss the perfect hairstyle for you and also help you maintain healthy and beautiful hair.”


Satsuki Moro (スタイリスト歴10年 / 神奈川出身 B型)


Chief Senior Stylist

Enomoto Satoko (14 years of hairstylist history Born in Niigata, Japan Type O blood)

Good at all kinds of hairstyles, but I specialise in short and medium length.
Short and medium length hair has a great effect on the face so therefore, I always make it a point to portray a more beautiful look for you when I am cutting your hair.
I think that there are many different kinds of hairstyles that suits each individual. Moreover, the mood at that moment is also important in determining the hairstyle so I provide counselling with you to find out your thoughts so that we will be able to find a wonderful style that suits you!

Enomoto satoko (スタイリスト歴14年 新潟県出身 O型)

ショート、 ミディアムが得意です。お顔に影響が大きくでる長さなので、いつもお客様の顔がもっと素敵に映るにはを考えてカットしています。

お客様に似合うスタイルは沢山あると思います、 またその時の気分が髪型を決める上ですごく大事だと考えているので、カウンセリングでは、お客様の今!を切り取って一緒に素敵なスタイルを見つけていけたらと思っています。

Senior Stylist

Issey Isaiah Xie  (More than 14 years experience in the hairdressing industry / Born & bred in Northern Singapore )

Hairstyling to me is Art. I believe in the beauty of form where every individual can be made to look aesthetically pleasing and yet look entirely unique through my hair creations. My signature specialties are layered and textured cuts, creative coloring using avant-garde concepts and men’s haircut. My priority for every client is to guide them from “Before to After”, consultation to post-haircare and styling advice, without compromise. My practice ensures that your hairstyles are well-maintained and durable even after your salon visit. Drop by Colors salon and let me unleash the art in you!

Issey Isaiah Xie  ( スタイリスト歴14年 / シンガポール 出身 )

私にとってヘアスタイリングはアートです。 すべての人が美しく見えるように、私が創る髪の毛を通してその人らしさ表現できればと思っています。私の代表的な専門は、レイヤードカットとテクスチャカット、アバンギャルドなコンセプトのクリエイティブなカラーリング、メンズヘアカットです。 すべてのお客様にとっての私の優先事項は、妥協することなく、”ビフォーからアフター”、コンサルテーションからアフターヘアケア、スタイリングのアドバイスまでお客様を導くことです。

サロンを訪れた後でも、ヘアスタイルがきれいにキープされ、もちがいい事を保証します。 Colorsで、あなたのアートを解き放ちましょう!

Our Colouring Team

Style Designer

Yoshimasa Urakami (Over 10 years of colorist history / O type from Mie Prefecture)

Specializes in customization of hair colors and highlights.
“Hair coloring is very important to express who you are. A color that is most ideal for your hair quality, hair style, skin tone and lifestyle would be made just for you. With extensive experience, knowledge and skills, customers who did not like coloring, or customers who want to add a splash of color to their highlighted hair for a blended color, and even customers who are troubled by their grey hair, I would propose the best mix of customized colors for you. Let’s search for a favorite color together.”


Yoshimasa Urakami(カラーリスト歴10年以上 / 三重県出身 O型)


Senior Colorist

Anna Fujimoto (Over 15 years of hair coloring experience / from Kagawa Prefecture)


” I have been a hair colorist in Tokyo for over 15 years. 

We will propose natural colors or highlights and even make use of the potential of coloring existing white hair to accentuate the appearance of our customer’s hair. I would love to talk to customers who are into fashion like me, so they are not bored while styling their hair. If you have any inquiries about which hair color suits you the most, please contact us! “


Anna Fujimoto (カラーリスト歴 15年以上 /

香川県出身 )


Price List

May Promotion 2022

New treatment promo

                                                                                                  Magic moisture treatment

                                                                              Latest treatment using ultrasound technology from Japan .

                                                                                                      Short to medium $70

                                                                                                               Long $80

Peek-a-boo Color set

                                     Half bleach + one Color
                                     ( acid Color range only )
                                   Base Color/ Bleach add-on

Issey exclusive perm promo

                                Cut / normal perm / treatment
                                              $190 all length

•Plant-based Keratin Treatment

20% off for all new and regular customers


$216 (u.p $270)


$264 ( u.p $330)


$296 (u.p $370)

Non-Bleached Color / Cut & Magic treatment : 15% off total price

                                                                        After 5 Promo

                                                                                                                               For appointments after 5pm 

                                                                                                                            New customers:   20% off  total price 

                                                                                                                           Regular customers : 10% off total price 

10% OFF your next visit if you successfully recommend us to a friend or fam OR write us a google review to get 10% off !

First-timer discount
– 10% off all regular services except wash and blow. 

*All promotions except After 5pm promo, Issey exclusive & keratin service are applicable to new customers and first timers only*

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